News: Additional database added for SA Rowan family (founding father William Brown Rowan). No proven connection with my Rowan ancestors. Additional database added for SA Townshend family (founding father Herbert Townshend) which settled at Fraserburg, Western Cape 30-40 years before my ancestors arrived in South Africa. No SA connection with my ancestors.
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Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Coetzee, Albertus Johannes b3c10d1e3f2g2  28 Dec 1856Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I13444
2 Coetzee, Dirk Jacobus b5c5d12e4f5g7  22 Jun 1869Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I16159
3 Coetzee, Floris Petrus Johannes b5c4d9e5f5g7  1870Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14443
4 Coetzee, Herklaas Frederik b5c4d9e5f8g6  22 Mar 1875Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14464
5 Coetzee, Jacoba Johanna b5c4d9e5f5g4  1862Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14440
6 Coetzee, Jacobus Johannes Filippus b5c5d12e4f5g4  8 Nov 1862Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I16157
7 Coetzee, Jacobus Johannes Filippus b5c5d12e4f5g5  6 Nov 1864Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I16161
8 Coetzee, Jan Hendrik b5c4d9e5f8g3  1864Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14461
9 Coetzee, Johannes Christoffel b5c5d12e4f5g6  21 Jun 1867Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I16158
10 Coetzee, Lodewicus Jacobus b5c4d9e5f6g5  27 Jan 1863Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14451
11 Coetzee, Martha Johanna b5c5d7e2f7g8  1890Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I15629
12 Coetzee, Marthina Johanna b5c5d7e2f7g10  3 Jul 1893Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I15631
13 Coetzee, Susanna Cornelia Lasya b5c5d7e2f7g9  23 Feb 1892Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I15630
14 Coetzee, Susanna Maria b5c4d9e5f5g6  1865Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14442
15 Coetzee, Susanna Maria b5c4d9e5f6g9  29 Apr 1873Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14455
16 Coetzee, Tjaart Nicolaas Cornelis b5c4d9e5f5g5  1864Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14441
17 Erasmus, Anna Maria  28 Jun 1865Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14191
18 Erasmus, Catharina Geertruida  18 Sep 1867Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14192
19 Erasmus, Louisa Maria Jacoba  13 Jul 1863Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14197
20 Greyling, Abraham Gert Willem  5 Nov 1873Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I16203
21 Kotze, Florus Petrus  13 Sep 1869Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14501
22 Kotze, Gabriel  23 Mar 1868Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14504
23 Kotze, Gabriel  15 Nov 1871Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14499
24 Kotze, Johanna Francina Magdalena  27 Mar 1885Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14500
25 Venter, Alida Johanna Lasea b5c12d2e3f6g5  17 Mar 1862Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14584
26 Venter, Christiaan Johannes Jacobus b5c2d5e3f5g8  18 Sep 1863Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14538
27 Venter, Floris Petrus b5c12d4e13f10  7 Jul 1867Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14187
28 Venter, Hendrik Johannes Stephanus b5c12d4e13f9  7 May 1865Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14186
29 Venter, Hermina Susanna b5c2d5e3f5g9  11 Mar 1868Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14539
30 Venter, Hubregt Catharina b5c2d5e6f3g15  30 Aug 1875Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14494
31 Venter, Jan Albert b5c12d4e13f8  15 Sep 1862Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14185


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Buitendag, Susanna Fransina Catharina b3c5d2e8  23 Nov 1898Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I15525
2 Coetzee, Abraham Adriaan Jacobus de Klerk b5c4d9e5f6  26 Apr 1906Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I12150
3 Coetzee, Abraham Johannes b5c4d9e5  4 Jan 1865Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I10985
4 Coetzee, Anna Maria Catharina b5c4d9e1f11g6  12 Mar 1959Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14207
5 Coetzee, Arnoldus Jacobus b5c5d12e4f5g2  5 Sep 1915Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I16155
6 Coetzee, Catharina Cornelia b5c4d9e6f5  2 Aug 1878Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I12159
7 Coetzee, Jan Abraham b5c5d7e1f2  10 Oct 1873Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I12387
8 Coetzee, Jan Jacobus Petrus Albertus b5c4d9e6f2g5  1888Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14476
9 Coetzee, Jan Johannes Hendrik b5c5d12e4f7  21 Mar 1913Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I12556
10 Coetzee, Jan Viljoen b5c5d4e10f2g2  28 May 1911Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I15122
11 Coetzee, Johannes Albertus b5c5d7e1f2g1  14 May 1886Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I15447
12 Coetzee, Johannes Christoffel b5c5d12e4f5g6  25 Dec 1930Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I16158
13 Coetzee, Martha Johanna b5c5d7e2f7g8  24 Dec 1904Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I15629
14 Coetzee, Nicolaas Johannes Anthonie b5c4d9e5f9  25 Jul 1894Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I12152
15 Coetzee, Susanna Maria b5c4d9e5f6g9  27 Dec 1912Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14455
16 Coetzee, Tjaard Hendrik Abraham b5c4d9e5f5  25 Mar 1894Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I12149
17 Erasmus, Catharina Geertruyda b5c9d2e9  16 Feb 1915Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14446
18 Fourie, Susanna Maria b6c3d4e6  22 Feb 1866Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I12144
19 Kotze, Gabriel  4 Sep 1955Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14499
20 Kotze, Johanna Francina Magdalena  26 Aug 1967Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14500
21 Schoeman, Johannes  1 May 1895Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I15196
22 Venter, Andries Albertus b5c2d5e6  8 Apr 1865Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I12164
23 Venter, Johanna Francina b5c2d5e6f3g3  18 Feb 1878Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14482
24 Venter, Rensche b5c12d4e13f2  5 Apr 1942Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa I14179


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coetzee / Els  13 Dec 1865Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F3821
2 Coetzee / Greyling  11 Jun 1876Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F4229
3 Coetzee / van den Berg  2 May 1889Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F3835
4 Coetzee / van Wyk  Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F3967
5 de Klerk / Schoeman  20 Apr 1914Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F4199
6 Kotze / Coetzee  22 Dec 1866Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F3858
7 Kruger / Coetzee  3 Oct 1863Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F4039
8 Kruger / van Wyk  8 Feb 1864Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F4019
9 van Biljon / Coetzee  9 Jul 1894Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F3784
10 van Wyk / Pelser  30 Oct 1894Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F3842
11 Venter / du Plessis  7 Jun 1869Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F3965
12 Venter / van den Berg  25 Nov 1867Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F4093
13 Venter / van der Walt  2 Nov 1878Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa F3856