News: Additional database added for SA Rowan family (founding father William Brown Rowan). No proven connection with my Rowan ancestors. Additional database added for SA Townshend family (founding father Herbert Townshend) which settled at Fraserburg, Western Cape 30-40 years before my ancestors arrived in South Africa. No SA connection with my ancestors. Additional database added for Prince Edward Island, Canada, Townshend family. No known connections with my Townshend family.
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South Africa



Matches 1 to 50 of 52

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Lucy  South Africa I551
2 Adams, Martin  South Africa I554
3 Barrett, Philip Norman  17 Sep 1893South Africa I740
4 Bewsher, Brenda Joyce  26 Apr 1942South Africa I46
5 Brent, Gerald Brabant  5 Jun 1883South Africa I894
6 Brent, Lorna  9 Feb 1912South Africa I897
7 Coetzee, Elizabeth Marie Victor b3c5d5e2f8g2  15 Oct 1883South Africa I893
8 Crockett, Diana Phyllis   I4316
9 Crockett, George Benjamin  23 Jan 1911South Africa I4301
10 Crockett, John Malcolm   I4319
11 Crockett, Lara Lisa   I4321
12 Crockett, Malcom Patrick  17 Mar 1912South Africa I4322
13 Crockett, Michelle Tina   I4318
14 Crockett, Patrick Gerald   I4302
15 Crockett, Peter Richard   I4320
16 Dickason, Phyllis Geraldine  15 May 1914South Africa I4323
17 Grobler, Lesley  South Africa I612
18 Hare, Edwin Lambert  29 Oct 1907South Africa I567
19 Jennings, Maud Marion  Abt 1893South Africa I685
20 Sadler, Margaret Mary   I4304
21 Shepstone, Henrique Charles  18 Jan 1840South Africa I617
22 Townshend, Alice Maud Grace a1b6c4  1903South Africa I503
23 Townshend, Alison Jane a1b6c5d3e4   I719
24 Townshend, Andrew David a1b6c10d3   I534
25 Townshend, Annabel Ruth a1b6c10d4   I536
26 Townshend, Anthony a1b6c11d1  South Africa I542
27 Townshend, Arthur Benjamin a1b6c10  1915South Africa I529
28 Townshend, Arthur Dudley Inglesby a1b1c1  11 Jul 1908South Africa I445
29 Townshend, Brian Peter a1b6c10d2   I533
30 Townshend, Charles Philip a1b6c5d3   I511
31 Townshend, David Graham a1b6c7d3   I525
32 Townshend, Deirdre a1b5c4d3   I469
33 Townshend, Frank Walter George a1b5c4d2  1921South Africa I460
34 Townshend, Harold Frank a1b6c7d1   I522
35 Townshend, Hazel Joan a1b6c5d3e1   I716
36 Townshend, Henry Robin Hood a1b6c5  10 Mar 1905South Africa I505
37 Townshend, Jabez Thomas a1b6c10d6   I539
38 Townshend, Jeremy John a1b5c4d2e2   I463
39 Townshend, Jesse Barrett a1b6c11  18 Feb 1918South Africa I540
40 Townshend, Jill Adele  South Africa I883
41 Townshend, Joseph Burton a1b6c2  27 Apr 1901South Africa I499
42 Townshend, Margaret Rhoda a1b6c12  1919South Africa I544
43 Townshend, Marjorie Zel a1b5c4d1  1920South Africa I458
44 Townshend, Mary Madeleine a1b6c9  1914South Africa I528
45 Townshend, Mathew Richard a1b6c7d4  1951South Africa I526
46 Townshend, Michael Anthony a1b5c4d2e1   I462
47 Townshend, Paula a1b6c10d5   I538
48 Townshend, Peter Douglas a1b6c11d2  South Africa I543
49 Townshend, Phoebe Emily a1b6c8  1913South Africa I527
50 Townshend, Rhoda Elizabeth a1b6c10d1   I531

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baard, Kenneth Carl  30 Jul 2016South Africa I4645
2 Dottridge, Elizabeth Ermina  South Africa I582
3 Share, Henry  Abt 1850South Africa I2489
4 Stander, Martha Maria  Abt 1900South Africa I6411
5 Thesingh, Gerard William  28 Oct 2010South Africa I292
6 Townshend, Florence a4b7  27 Jun 1925South Africa I31


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Townshend / Brady   F183