News: Additional database added for SA Rowan family (founding father William Brown Rowan). No proven connection with my Rowan ancestors. Additional database added for SA Townshend family (founding father Herbert Townshend) which settled at Fraserburg, Western Cape 30-40 years before my ancestors arrived in South Africa. No SA connection with my ancestors. Additional database added for Prince Edward Island, Canada, Townshend family. No known connections with my Townshend family.
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    Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa


    Tree: Baard Townshend family

    Latitude: -33.4500000, Longitude: 18.7333333


    Matches 1 to 35 of 35

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
    1 Baard, Petrus Stephanus Daniel b4c1d4e7f1  3 May 1902Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I17788 Baard Townshend family 
    2 Baard, Wilhelmina Anna  6 Sep 1931Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4295 Baard Townshend family 
    3 Beukes, Anna Margaretha  18 Jan 1812Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29496 Baard Townshend family 
    4 Blanckenberg, Barbara Magdalena  22 Jun 1852Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4337 Baard Townshend family 
    5 Blanckenberg, Johanna Wilhelmina Jeanetta  3 Oct 1840Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4332 Baard Townshend family 
    6 Coetzee, Abraham Johannes b5c4d9e5  1797Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I10985 Baard Townshend family 
    7 Coetzee, Hendrik Johannes (Jacobus) b3c5d9e9f5  1856Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11680 Baard Townshend family 
    8 Coetzee, Hermina Johanna b3c7d6e1f3g3  Abt Dec 1868Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29438 Baard Townshend family 
    9 Coetzee, Jacobus Gysbertus b3c7d7e3  8 Jun 1823Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I10236 Baard Townshend family 
    10 Coetzee, Johan Hendrik b3c5d9e1f3  31 Mar 1836Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I13250 Baard Townshend family 
    11 Coetzee, Johannes Frederik Jacob b5c6d6e4f4  23 Apr 1829Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12801 Baard Townshend family 
    12 Coetzee, Maria Margrieta Hendrika b5c6d6e3f1g3  1848Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I16794 Baard Townshend family 
    13 Coetzee, Susanna Johanna b3c5d9e9f5g4  28 Feb 1889Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I13291 Baard Townshend family 
    14 Coetzee, Willem Adriaan b3c5d9e9f4  15 Aug 1854Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11679 Baard Townshend family 
    15 Coetzer, Aletta Catharina  26 Feb 1834Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I28071 Baard Townshend family 
    16 Croeser, Dorothea Johanna Sophia b4c12d2e1  25 Jun 1870Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I17955 Baard Townshend family 
    17 de Kock, Jan Albertus Myburg b6c5d11e3f2  19 Aug 1857Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29195 Baard Townshend family 
    18 de Waal, Hendrik b8c2d5  Abt Oct 1802Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I28239 Baard Townshend family 
    19 Ehlers, Hilletje Elizabeth Gerhardina  Abt 1833Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I274 Baard Townshend family 
    20 Franke, Eugeni Johanna Hendrina b7c3d4e12  11 Jan 1846Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29684 Baard Townshend family 
    21 Loubser, Andries Georg Hendrik  Apr 1843Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4906 Baard Townshend family 
    22 Loubser, Marthinus Gerhardus b2c2d9e8f3g2h5  6 Nov 1868Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18168 Baard Townshend family 
    23 Louw, Rachel Elisabeth  22 Jul 1855Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I28883 Baard Townshend family 
    24 Nelson, Petrus Horatio b1c4d4e1f3g6  6 Jun 1915Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18035 Baard Townshend family 
    25 Penberthy, Vernon Clyde  12 Mar 1901Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I28836 Baard Townshend family 
    26 Sanders, Catharina Christina Johanna  24 Jul 1830Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I30104 Baard Townshend family 
    27 Smuts, Martha Jacoba Johanna b2c3d6e4f4g8  22 Dec 1865Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11707 Baard Townshend family 
    28 Truter, Gerhardus Jacobus Daniel b11c1d8e7f5  18 Mar 1891Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18173 Baard Townshend family 
    29 van Schalkwyk, Johannes Everhardinus Marthinus  Abt 1850Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4023 Baard Townshend family 
    30 Van Tubbergh, Anna Joachimina Fredrika  12 Dec 1865Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I5021 Baard Townshend family 
    31 Van Tubbergh, Christiaan Stadler  1 May 1859Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4946 Baard Townshend family 
    32 Van Tubbergh, Maria Jacomina  11 Aug 1857Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4945 Baard Townshend family 
    33 van Zyl, Hester Maria b6c2d1e4f6  22 Mar 1822Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12646 Baard Townshend family 
    34 Visser, Huibrecht Gloudina Gertruida b2c4d1e2f4g8  4 Apr 1829Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I16855 Baard Townshend family 
    35 Zachau, Gerda  Abt Sep 1914Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I28208 Baard Townshend family 


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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
    1 Ackerman, Susanna Jacomina  6 May 1855Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29001 Baard Townshend family 
    2 Aggenbach, Catharina b1c8  1 Oct 1815Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I14020 Baard Townshend family 
    3 Baard, Hendrik Dirk Izaak b4c1d12  28 Jan 1844Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I1905 Baard Townshend family 
    4 Basson, Johanna Catharina Cornelia b5c3d13e2f6  17 Apr 1825Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I16610 Baard Townshend family 
    5 Bester, Albertus Wynand b6c7d2e3  15 Jan 1837Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I22326 Baard Townshend family 
    6 Bester, Andries b4c1  6 Mar 1763Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18299 Baard Townshend family 
    7 Bester, Anna b4c9  14 Dec 1777Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18307 Baard Townshend family 
    8 Bester, Barend Jacobus b4c2  23 Dec 1764Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18300 Baard Townshend family 
    9 Bester, Christiaan Engelbrecht b4c6  6 Oct 1771Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18304 Baard Townshend family 
    10 Bester, Christiaan Jacob b4c8  Dec 1775Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18306 Baard Townshend family 
    11 Bester, Engela b4c7  28 Nov 1773Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18305 Baard Townshend family 
    12 Bester, Helena b4c5  23 Sep 1770Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18303 Baard Townshend family 
    13 Bester, Johannes Daniel b4c10  26 Dec 1779Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18308 Baard Townshend family 
    14 Bester, Nicolaas Willem b4c4  25 Dec 1768Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18302 Baard Townshend family 
    15 Bester, Willem Abraham b4c11  7 Jul 1782Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18314 Baard Townshend family 
    16 Beukes, Hendrik Roelof b7c5d2e4  27 Oct 1822Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I16619 Baard Townshend family 
    17 Brink, Petrus Johannes b11c11  12 Oct 1806Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I28085 Baard Townshend family 
    18 Burger, Dirk Andries b4c13d11  3 Mar 1793Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I10963 Baard Townshend family 
    19 Burger, Hendrik Schalk b4c13d12  Oct 1795Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I10964 Baard Townshend family 
    20 Coetzee, Abraham Johannes Erasmus b3c5d10e7  16 Feb 1831Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12061 Baard Townshend family 
    21 Coetzee, Adriaan Alettus Johan van Niekerk b5c6d10e2f2  25 Oct 1825Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12851 Baard Townshend family 
    22 Coetzee, Anna Elizabeth b5c6d5e3f3  17 Sep 1826Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12690 Baard Townshend family 
    23 Coetzee, Anna Francina b5c6d6e4f3  30 Sep 1827Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12800 Baard Townshend family 
    24 Coetzee, Anna Jacoba Elizabeth b5c6d5e10  7 Oct 1810Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11225 Baard Townshend family 
    25 Coetzee, Annetje (Gloudina) b5c6d5e2f4  3 Oct 1830Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12678 Baard Townshend family 
    26 Coetzee, Belia Maria Catharina Dina b5c6d6e3f6  3 Apr 1835Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12792 Baard Townshend family 
    27 Coetzee, Catharina Helena b5c6d3e4f1  9 Mar 1824Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12654 Baard Townshend family 
    28 Coetzee, Dirk b5c6d5e18  10 Sep 1830Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11233 Baard Townshend family 
    29 Coetzee, Dirk Francois Hendrik b5c6d6e4f1  5 Sep 1823Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12798 Baard Townshend family 
    30 Coetzee, Dirk Johannes b5c4d3e3  26 Feb 1792Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I10882 Baard Townshend family 
    31 Coetzee, Elizabeth (Christina) Catharina Johanna b5c6d3e4f5  12 Sep 1830Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12658 Baard Townshend family 
    32 Coetzee, Floris Johannes Jacobus b5c6d6e3f5  12 Sep 1830Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12791 Baard Townshend family 
    33 Coetzee, Gerrit b5c6d5e3f4  24 Aug 1828Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12691 Baard Townshend family 
    34 Coetzee, Gert b5c6d5e2f1  30 Sep 1824Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12675 Baard Townshend family 
    35 Coetzee, Gert Johannes b5c4d4e5f1  Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12079 Baard Townshend family 
    36 Coetzee, Gloudina Janetta b5c4d4e5f2  13 Feb 1824Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12080 Baard Townshend family 
    37 Coetzee, Hendrik Johannes b3c5d9e9f12g4  6 Nov 1898Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29477 Baard Townshend family 
    38 Coetzee, Hester Helena b3c5d9e9f12g3  6 Jun 1897Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29476 Baard Townshend family 
    39 Coetzee, Hugo Amos Lambrechts b5c6d3e4f3  24 Oct 1827Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12656 Baard Townshend family 
    40 Coetzee, Jacobus Gysbertus b3c7d7e3  17 Oct 1823Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I10236 Baard Townshend family 
    41 Coetzee, Jacomina Maria Francina b3c5d10e5  23 Oct 1816Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12059 Baard Townshend family 
    42 Coetzee, Jannetje b5c6d5e6f1  19 Feb 1832Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12709 Baard Townshend family 
    43 Coetzee, Jannetje Debora b5c6d5e9f1  15 Jul 1832Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12729 Baard Townshend family 
    44 Coetzee, Jasper Daniel Alettus b5c6d3e4f6  19 Aug 1832Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12659 Baard Townshend family 
    45 Coetzee, Jasper Jacobus b5c6d10e2f1  19 Feb 1824Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12850 Baard Townshend family 
    46 Coetzee, Johanna Adriana b5c6d3e4f2  25 Feb 1825Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12655 Baard Townshend family 
    47 Coetzee, Johanna Catharina Maria b5c6d6e4f2  22 Jun 1825Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I12799 Baard Townshend family 
    48 Coetzee, Johanna Jacoba Elizabeth b5c6d5e16  22 Jan 1826Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11231 Baard Townshend family 
    49 Coetzee, Johanna Levina Hendrina b7c8d6e3f1  16 Mar 1825Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I13132 Baard Townshend family 
    50 Coetzee, Johanna Margaretha b5c4d3e1  11 Feb 1787Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I10880 Baard Townshend family 

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    Matches 1 to 37 of 37

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
    1 Ackerman, Susanna Jacomina  25 Jan 1918Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29001 Baard Townshend family 
    2 Baard, David Jacobus b4c1d3e3  3 Nov 1919Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I321 Baard Townshend family 
    3 Baard, Jacobus Adriaan Johannes b4c1d7  4 Jun 1873Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I273 Baard Townshend family 
    4 Baard, Maria Charlotte Susanna  30 Dec 1881Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I21130 Baard Townshend family 
    5 Baard, Maria Jacoba Christina b4c1d6e6f2  24 Jan 1919Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4062 Baard Townshend family 
    6 Bester, Albertus Wynand b6c7d2e3  23 Jan 1894Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I22326 Baard Townshend family 
    7 Bester, Anna Catharina Gysbertha  1 Dec 1854Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11646 Baard Townshend family 
    8 Coetzee, Albertus Stefanus b3c5d9e9f11  31 Aug 1906Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11685 Baard Townshend family 
    9 Coetzee, George Hamilton b3c5d5e2f3g5  25 Feb 1952Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I28052 Baard Townshend family 
    10 Coetzee, Gert b3c5d9e1  2 Aug 1840Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I9605 Baard Townshend family 
    11 Coetzee, Gert Jacobus b3c5d9e9f6  27 May 1893Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11681 Baard Townshend family 
    12 Coetzee, Hendrik Johannes (Jacobus) b3c5d9e9f5  5 May 1894Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11680 Baard Townshend family 
    13 Coetzee, Jacoba Sophia b3c5d9e9f11g3  7 Oct 1947Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I13303 Baard Townshend family 
    14 Coetzee, Johanna Sophia Jeanette b3c5d6e7f5g4  6 Nov 1964Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I13246 Baard Townshend family 
    15 Coetzee, Margaretha Aletta b3c5d9e9f11g2  4 Mar 1939Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I13302 Baard Townshend family 
    16 Coetzee, Martinus Frederik b3c5d5e2f6g2h1  5 Jun 1963Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I17811 Baard Townshend family 
    17 Coetzee, Petrus Christoffel b3c5d9e9f13  8 Aug 1894Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29481 Baard Townshend family 
    18 Coetzee, Stephanus Francois b5c6d5e7  Abt 1878Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11222 Baard Townshend family 
    19 Ehlers, Johannes Marthinus Augustinus  26 Jan 1936Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I3974 Baard Townshend family 
    20 Hickman, Anna Hendrika  29 Aug 2001Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4293 Baard Townshend family 
    21 Kotze, David Johannes Hendrik b2c1d1e1f8  26 Apr 1863Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I5377 Baard Townshend family 
    22 Langeveldt, Johanna Helena  28 Dec 1979Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18174 Baard Townshend family 
    23 Lochner, Aletta Maria  27 Jun 1983Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I28807 Baard Townshend family 
    24 Loubser, Andries Georg Hendrik  21 Jul 1904Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4906 Baard Townshend family 
    25 Nelson, Petrus Gerhardus Joachim b1c4d4e1f3  16 Aug 1956Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18034 Baard Townshend family 
    26 Nelson, Petrus Horatio b1c4d4e1f3g6  27 Jul 1943Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I18035 Baard Townshend family 
    27 Pretorius, Willem Sterrenberg b3c9d4e4  17 Jan 1861Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29563 Baard Townshend family 
    28 Schreuder, Hendrik Oostewald b1c4  22 Dec 1857Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I242 Baard Townshend family 
    29 Schreuder, Johannes Diederik b1c1  18 Jun 1859Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I11624 Baard Townshend family 
    30 Smit, Elsje Sophia  15 Jul 1865Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I29564 Baard Townshend family 
    31 van Schalkwyk, Nicolaas Everhardus Gerhardus b2c1d7e5f4g3  4 May 1918Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I9220 Baard Townshend family 
    32 van Schalkwyk, Sarah Johanna Sophia b2c1d7e5f5g2  26 Jan 1910Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I9221 Baard Townshend family 
    33 Van Tubbergh, Barend Carolus  26 Apr 1890Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4753 Baard Townshend family 
    34 Van Tubbergh, Jacobus Hendrikus  May 1884Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4757 Baard Townshend family 
    35 Van Tubbergh, Jacomina Hendrina  26 Sep 1931Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4901 Baard Townshend family 
    36 van Wielligh, Johanna Catharina  17 Feb 1922Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I22327 Baard Townshend family 
    37 Watney, Catharina Maria  4 Jan 1895Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4891 Baard Townshend family 


    Matches 1 to 4 of 4

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
    1 Baard, Annus Hugo Jacobus b4c1d2e11f9  Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4364 Baard Townshend family 
    2 Greeff, Helena Jacoba Johanna  Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I21146 Baard Townshend family 
    3 Hickman, Alida Johanna Catharina  Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4496 Baard Townshend family 
    4 Watney, William John  Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa I4766 Baard Townshend family 


    Matches 1 to 44 of 44

       Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
    1 Aggenbach / van den Hever  19 Oct 1794Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8406 Baard Townshend family 
    2 Baard / Schreuder  17 Feb 1845Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F78 Baard Townshend family 
    3 Baard / Van der Merwe  31 Mar 1879Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F84 Baard Townshend family 
    4 Baard / Van der Westhuizen  8 Jan 1849Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F89 Baard Townshend family 
    5 Baard / Wium  7 Apr 1851Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F88 Baard Townshend family 
    6 Basson / Coetzee  30 Jul 1797Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3209 Baard Townshend family 
    7 Bester / de Klerk  24 Oct 1761Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3050 Baard Townshend family 
    8 Bosman / Coetzer  30 May 1853Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F7884 Baard Townshend family 
    9 Burger / Baard  29 Feb 1936Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F1511 Baard Townshend family 
    10 Coetzee / Lambrechts  2 Apr 1820Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3526 Baard Townshend family 
    11 Coetzee / Lambrechts  10 Jul 1882Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3627 Baard Townshend family 
    12 Coetzee / Louw  13 Oct 1823Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3228 Baard Townshend family 
    13 Coetzee / Nieuwoudt  11 Feb 1821Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3227 Baard Townshend family 
    14 Coetzee / Serdyn  6 Mar 1831Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3532 Baard Townshend family 
    15 Coetzee / Smuts  13 May 1878Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3370 Baard Townshend family 
    16 Coetzee / Stadler  24 Mar 1851Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3107 Baard Townshend family 
    17 Coetzee / van Niekerk  11 Nov 1821Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3548 Baard Townshend family 
    18 Croeser / Frylinck  18 Apr 1870Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8165 Baard Townshend family 
    19 de Jongh / Coetzee  6 Apr 1840Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F4285 Baard Townshend family 
    20 de Klerk / Coetzee  31 Aug 1840Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3537 Baard Townshend family 
    21 Dreyer / Coetzee  28 Jan 1827Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3426 Baard Townshend family 
    22 Frank / Dreyer  18 Oct 1778Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8566 Baard Townshend family 
    23 Hoffmann / Franke  18 Dec 1850Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8567 Baard Townshend family 
    24 Kitshoff / McLachlan  5 Oct 1940Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F2740 Baard Townshend family 
    25 Loubser / Coetzee   F8542 Baard Townshend family 
    26 Louw / Heydenrych  12 Feb 1866Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8146 Baard Townshend family 
    27 Louw / Kotze  3 Mar 1822Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8407 Baard Townshend family 
    28 Louw / Nieuwoudt  14 Oct 1827Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3433 Baard Townshend family 
    29 Möller / Mostert  6 Oct 1771Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F2931 Baard Townshend family 
    30 Olivier / Coetzee  14 Oct 1861Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8492 Baard Townshend family 
    31 Penberthy / Nelson  6 Aug 1928Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8251 Baard Townshend family 
    32 Ruts / Lubbe  4 Mar 1759Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3297 Baard Townshend family 
    33 Sadie / Baard  28 Mar 1881Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F111 Baard Townshend family 
    34 Smuts / Sleigh  10 Oct 1842Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3378 Baard Townshend family 
    35 Thiers / Lucas  29 Oct 1826Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F4306 Baard Townshend family 
    36 van Rhyn / Wiese  4 Apr 1819Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F4657 Baard Townshend family 
    37 van Schalkwyk / van Zyl  17 Feb 1840Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F5745 Baard Townshend family 
    38 van Zyl / Botma  5 May 1776Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F6132 Baard Townshend family 
    39 van Zyl / Coetzee  29 May 1774Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3201 Baard Townshend family 
    40 van Zyl / Coetzee  20 Jul 1806Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3452 Baard Townshend family 
    41 Werth / Bock  21 Sep 1885Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8063 Baard Townshend family 
    42 Wium / Basson  19 Apr 1920Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F8570 Baard Townshend family 
    43 Wium / Sleigh  5 Apr 1843Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3376 Baard Townshend family 
    44 Zondagh / Knoetzen  28 Sep 1766Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa F3118 Baard Townshend family